About us

Hi, I'm Hilary Silver, LCSW

I’m a clinical psychotherapist turned master coach, mentor and private advisor to smart accomplished women.

I’m the creator of Ready for LOVE and the founder of Ready for LOVE Inc – a global women’s empowerment and wellness company devoted to helping high achieving women find and keep! – amazing love.

After working as a sex, marriage and relationship therapist for 15 years, I became frustrated with an antiquated model that was inefficient and ineffective at actually helping clients SOLVE their painful problems.

I made the decision to leave my thriving and successful practice behind to develop this program. And since the Ready for Love program began in 2017, we’ve positively impacted the lives of thousands of women and have become one of the most sought after, acclaimed and successful programs for high achieving women in the world… women who’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. 

Our Extraordinary Team

Sherrie Toews
Dating & Relationship Coach

Adriel Harvey
Breakthrough Coach

Jodi Singh
Client Success Manager

Marlene Morris
Executive Assistant

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