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A deeper conversation on how to identify, express and hold your boundaries firmly and in your most feminine and effective manner.

$1111 $555


Explore your relationship with money, your subconscious biases and limiting beliefs around wealth and upgrade your money mindset.

$777 $333


What it takes to move through the world as your most authentic, transparent and fearless you, without all the people pleasing, approval seeking and fear of rejection or judgment.

$2222 $777

Million $$$ Messaging

For our entrepreneurs and business owners, how to identify and attract more of your most ideal clients, communicate your value and effortlessly make more money without working harder. This is how I take virtual strangers to 5 figure clients in 48 hours!

$2222 $777

Bundle Option 1

Boundaried, Rich, Brave

$1665 separately 

Bundled $1400 

Bundle Option 2

Get All Four

$2442 separately 

Bundled $1900 

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