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What would it feel like to meet an amazing man and deep down believe that you are more than enough for this great guy?  You’re relaxed and confident and easy-breezy enjoying the experience of him pursuing you.

Imagine going home to this man who is eager to see you and hear from you – a man who values your input and is there for you 100%. You feel supported, seen, heard and loved for all of who you are!

And imagine being with this man who has his life together and is just as giving to the relationship as you are and it feels equal, stable, secure AND sexy!

“Thank you for helping me find love and telling me f*ck yes, I am worthy!!”

I was stuck in thinking negative things, you know..waiting for the other shoe to fall…but I listened to Hilary’s videos again and remembered that I control my thoughts and my actions. I needed to be positive and patient. I don’t need to obsess about things that are out of my control. This love is different than I have ever known. Thank you Hilary for helping me find myself again!!


Sounds amazing right?

But let me guess – if you're anything like my clients before they work with me…

You’re stuck in a pattern where the men you aren’t interested in pursue you, but the ones you are interested in don’t?

You’ll date someone for a month and just when you are starting to get excited he backpedals or ghosts you, it fizzles out or ends abruptly

You keep attracting fixer uppers, users, narcissists, men who won’t commit or are emotionally unavailable? And then stay too long & try to make it work.

You settle for men or relationships that don’t feel right for you and even put up with crap from men that you wouldn’t do in other areas of your life. 

You’ve researched attachment styles and narcissism, have worked on yourself a lot and still none of the therapy, self-help books or seeking have actually helped you breakthrough this problem!

And… you wish “PA-LEASE for the love of God… someone would just tell me what I’ve been missing?””

Uh… YES!

I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what you’ve been missing.

But are you ready for the truth?

Drum roll, please…

It’s YOU, my love.

Critical self-talk, People pleasing, perfectionism, dating with self doubt, anxiety and fear…

You my friend the problem…

But if you listen to me, I can show you  the solution.

So who am I and why am i your new LOVE COACH?

I’m a clinical therapist turned master coach with over 23 years of experience working with thousands of clients on the toughest life and relationship issues.

After struggling with my own not-enoughness, feelings of unworthiness and one disappointing heartbreak after another… I cracked the code on what it takes to have a healthy lasting passionate relationship and I’ve now been with my husband over 24 years.

I walk this walk everyday and help women step into their most EXTRAORDINARY self so they too, can attract their true equal partner and be as successful in their love life as they are in the rest of their life.

Our READY for LOVE program has helped over 2000 women since 2017 and has become the #1 most sought after, acclaimed and successful programs in the world because it just WORKS!

Inside the ready for love program, you WILL…

Learn a new model of relationships that will revolutionize your life so you can navigate power issues, healthy boundaries and the flow of give and take with your partner.

Heal the parts of you that keep you settling and believing you can’t get or don’t deserve more. 

Finally see your blind spots and why all of this is happening to you, when intellectually you know you’re a great catch! 

Do the deep work to re-program your mindset, beliefs and psychology so you build an entirely new paradigm for love and what is possible for you. 

Learn the tools and skills to fully express yourself authentically and with dignity and grace. 

Make peace with your past so you can shed the baggage and emotional blocks keeping real love from coming into your life.

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Here’s a Breakdown of what you’ll learn


And here's the other juicy suff I'm giving you


My Famous
“What To Say When He…” Training
($1000 Value)

This is a recording of a super fun and entertaining live trainings with Hilary and head coach Jamie, full of actionable advice. You’ll learn exactly what to say or do when he catches you off guard with red flag behavior or he creates an awkward situation so that you can be comfortable and feel confident navigating anything that comes your way when dating.


“MANifest Your MAN” Workshop
($2000 Value)

This is a recording of a live 3 hour workshop where I’m teaching you exactly what you need to do to manifest LOVE and anything else you want!

It’s like magic… except it’s real!

Some of what you will learn: Why you keep attracting unavailable, non committal or narcissistic men and how to break that painful pattern fast. The exact things you are thinking, feeling and believing that actually INVITE men to ghost, flake, or string you along so you can shift it now. How to stop settling for less than you desire in a partner or a relationship or just “making it work” – and how to step into the realm of infinite possibility for your love life (and beyond).


But yours today for only $2,222

Your investment today
Or two payments of

Pay Over Time
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Pay over time with affirm

Celebrations from our Ready for Love clients

Still have questions? I've got answers.

Digitally… you will log in, create your account and get started immediately. Every 7 days, you’ll be granted access to the next module. We do this so that you can fully absorb and integrate all that you are learning.

This is a fully self-study program. Hilary accepts a few private clients at a time in the multiple 5 figure investment range. Please email us to inquire.

You will have access to these materials for one year but it is our hope that you will make the most of it and complete the materials and homework within 8-10 weeks because immersion works best! Be ALL IN just like you want to be with a partner.
In short, no. This program is a digital product which means it can’t be returned. You get access to 15 hours of teaching and all our digital property upon enrollment.

Everything will be yours in just a few minutes as soon as you enroll.
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Your investment today
Or two payments of

Pay Over Time
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Pay over time with affirm

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