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So many aspects of my life changed while and since doing this program. My situation is more complicated than most and what tools, I received impacted my family dynamics, my business, my friendships, my outlook, my self-care and of course my dating life. The checklist at this point in life is different than it was before. Hilary Silver will show you how to embrace it all!


I am extremely grateful for this program! I’ve seen a lot of personal growth within myself which not only will help me find “my guy,” but also help me with my relationships in general and get back on track professionally. Thank you, Hilary!


It was my first call that I could listen to real time and it was outstanding! What I kept forgetting as I sequestered myself in my own pity party for so many years – is that I’m not totally original. There’s someone going through the same things as I am – clearly shown today – and this group of women whom I was blessed to join this current group with is incredible! Hilary – you have helped me more in a week than months of counseling that I have done in the past! I’m so excited for the rest of program. Thank you!

~ Kimberly

Hilary Silver’s program is definitely with the $ as I am worth investing in. I am happier today with my life than I had been for the prior 20 years. I see my patterns, learned to change it, stopped my inner critic from sabotaging myself, and see myself in a whole new way. The question I have for you is are you willing to work the program and be a part of an awesome women’s exclusive group? It’s hard work and one must be willing to invest in themselves. I highly recommend the program to women who really want to change.


Worth every penny! Hilary speaks the truth and tells it like it is. She shows you how to get out of your own way stop over thinking and take responsibility for your actions so you can show up and find true love by first loving yourself.


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