Transform Your Love Life In 30 Days!

Finally, A PROVEN Method To Attract The Love Of Your Life In The Shortest Amount Of Time!

You’re smart, successful, educated & got-it-together in life and career but…

Your love life does not reflect that of a woman who truly knows her worth and value, does it?

It’s time to change right now!

Know Your Worth, Attract High Caliber Men, Feel Truly Confident & Trust Yourself Every Step Of The Dating Process!

READY for LOVE is...

The most comprehensive and advanced program available, combining neurobiology and behavioral psychology with spiritual tools and relationship skills.

Our clients shift the way they show up, start magnetizing high value men and confidently navigate their relationships.

It’s a PROVEN process with over 2000 happy clients and a 96% success rate since 2017!

And it can help you too!

Achieving "Total Transformation" With Ready for Love!

This program is for you if...

You attract (and settle for) immature, unavailable, noncommittal or narcissistic men and are wondering if there are any good men left.

You’re weary from men who come on strong, promise you the world
then flake or ghost you.

You’re exhausted from all the relationship ‘false starts’ and are beginning to dread dating because it’s too much work.

And now you’ve begun to doubt yourself…

“Why can’t I attract the right men?”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Maybe I’m not good enough?”

READY for LOVE will take you from...

Self-doubt, second guessing, over-thinking, confused, lonely, and unfulfilled in love…

To knowing your value, stepping into your feminine power and effortlessly magnetizing your true equal partner.

The most profound and transformational experience combining personal growth, manifestation principles and relationship skills…

Learn a new model of relationships that teaches you how to navigate power issues and the flow of give and take and have healthy boundaries.

Heal the wounded parts of you that keep you settling and believing you can’t get or don’t deserve more.

Reprogram your mindset and subconscious beliefs and become a magnet for everything you want.

Learn the tools and skills to fully express your-self authentically and with dignity and grace.

Learn the ‘rules’ for dating so you feel calm and confident navigating the early stages of texting, messaging, flirting and pacing.

Get clear on your “Ideal Man Criteria” so you never settle or compromise what you really want in a partner.

Get the inside scoop on all the dating apps, write your profile and see how to handle tricky situations.

“I’ve found my perfect man and I’ve never been happier!!”

Just do this program and become the BEST version of yourself that you didn’t even know was even possible! Thank you, Hilary!!


”I have found love. I would not be here without your help”


Your man is coming for you...
Will you be 1000% ready when he comes knocking?

Or will you be afraid, push him away or re-create
the familiar patterns of your past?

What I ask of you:

1.  Be fiercely committed to yourself and to
make this part of your life a priority, even if it
feels uncomfortable.

2.  A willingness to try something new like Ready
for Love, even if you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked.

3.  A willingness to invest in yourself so you get
what you need to be successful in this part of
your life, just like you are everywhere else.

While I firmly believe you are investing in the outcome you desire – which is PRICELESS and...

it’s about who you are becoming.

I know you still want to know what to expect.

What’s Inside

What’s included:

Access to an exclusive library of over 30 hours of audio and video content to study at your own pace.

7 Modules of videos featuring my proprietary step-by-step, build on itself curriculum and training.

The Daily Journal, a 90 day downloadable journal complete with guided visualizations.

A collection of in-depth downloadable
workbooks with each module, with guided exercises and journaling prompts that will help you self-reflect, integrate the content more deeply & have personal breakthroughs.

Spreadsheets, templates and other references and resources


My Famous
“What To Say When He…” Training
($1000 Value)

A super fun and entertaining live training where you’ll learn exactly what to say or do when he catches you off guard with red flag behavior or he creates an awkward situation so that you can be comfortable and feel confident navigating anything that comes your way when dating.

3 Q and A Coaching Call Recordings
($6000 Value)

In this juicy bonus, Hilary is pulling back the curtain on her coaching sessions with her VIP clients so you can hear her advice, guidance and wisdom. You’ll hear yourself in what the women are asking and will be able to apply Hilary’s coaching to your life specifically just by hearing what she is saying on these calls.

High Value Woman Masterclass
($1000 Value)

In this hour long masterclass, Hilary delivers the most powerful mindset shifts you can make that will help you step into the most magnetic and empowered version of yourself. You’ll walk away knowing exactly what changes to make in how you think, feel and operate in all areas of your life. This means you are happier, have more peace of mind, trust yourself and become a manifesting queen who gets everything you want.

“MANifest Your MAN” Workshop
($2000 Value)

In this workshop, neuroscience and the law of the universe collide. Using principles of neuroplasticity, learn how to create new neural pathways in your brain, change your lifetime patterns of thinking and begin influencing the universe to send you more of what you desire.

It’s like magic… except it’s real!

Ready for Love Transforms ALL Relationships

Normally priced at $3000

In this workshop, neuroscience and the law of the universe collide. Using principles of neuroplasticity, learn how to create new neural pathways in your brain, change your lifetime patterns of thinking and begin influencing the universe to send you more of what you desire.

It’s like magic… except it’s real!

Special Limited Time Offer of 25% Off

Only $2222


Two monthly payments of $1222


Digitally… you will log in, create your account and get started immediately. Every 7 days, you’ll be granted access to the next module. We do this so that you can fully absorb and integrate all that you are learning.

This is a fully self-study program. There is no coaching or support provided. However, if you would like to ‘bump up’ your membership level and join one of our coaching programs, just email us and we’ll share your options. We have our Ready for Love Elite and VIP packages that provide coaching, support and accountability for women who wish to have that experience.

You will have access to these materials for one year but it is our hope that you will make the most of it and complete the materials and homework within 8-10 weeks because immersion works best! Be ALL IN just like you want to be with a partner.

In short, no. This program is a digital product which means it can’t be returned. You get access to 30 hours of teaching and all our digital property upon enrollment.

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