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Manifestation, Magic & Magnetism in Love + Beyond

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The Features

Daily prompts, weekly reflections and Hilary’s own inspirational quotes to keep you focused, productive and committed. 

Links to guided visualization exercises – login and listen to Hilary guide you into truly feeling what it’s like to live with your goals as though they were already achieved! Visualization is one of the most effective and powerful tools to becoming who you want to be: it is the key factor in determining how successful you become at realizing your dreams.


It’s not magic … but the results are magical.

The Outcomes

In less than 10 minutes a day, with this journaling meditation system, you can shift the focus of your thoughts, choose how you want to feel by mastering your mindset and gaining control of your emotional state, achieve complete clarity and experience true personal empowerment and freedom.

Prepare to see real, measurable results with your use of this mindset journal & guided visualization audios. I’ve made it simple: follow the steps, do the work daily, and see extraordinary things happen in your life in just 90 days.

Huge WIN!!! I got a new job! For 6 months I’ve been journaling 3 things in my Visioning and Future Pacing Gratitude section and one of them was the job situation I desired that I repeated over and over -“thank you for my job of stability, flexibility, pays me what I’m worth, and gives me the respect I deserve.” I carefully chose those four parameters after really sitting down and figuring out what my current job is not giving me that doesn’t make me happy and what I want. Wow, Hilary Silver thank you for this journal! I decided that even in the middle of Covid, company layoffs, and being treated poorly by my boss that I wasn’t going to sit there and be victim. I bossed the hell up and became the pilot of my job situation! Wow, I can’t wait for my other wins!

Nancy Brill

So thankful for this journal! It is beautiful, has helped me, and pushed me to dive deeper. Thank you Hilary for creating and giving me the tools to be the best version of me more and more everyday!

Courtney H.

I just finished 3rd week of journaling and I FEEL fantastic! I’ve made time each morning to take the time to focus my mind and energy. I am working on a major change in my life and the journal is helping me to get the universe working for me to accomplish this goal. I have also gotten a lot of compliments on how great I look!! Never gets old. Have an amazing day everyone!

Barbara Sykes Chase

90 Days of Extraordinary Guidance

How It Works

For the next 90 days, receive guidance and confidence from these powerful guided visualizations, exercises, and weekly audio downloads to finally create in your life what you’re writing about in your journal.

Go from scarcity to abundance in all areas of your life…

This goes beyond managing anxiety and other mental health symptoms, and it even transcends mindfulness. We are talking about empowering you to become the highest level of yourself, the version of you who knows anything is possible.

You have to see it to believe it- or in this case, experience it to believe it.

When you KNOW in your core being that anything is possible for you — your future is limitless and you believe in yourself enough to fearlessly take radical action towards your goals.


Did you know? Before this was a digital resource, The Daily Journal was a traditional, printed journal called Extraordinary Women Rising. This is the exact same journal these women used to get everything they wanted!

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