From: Hilary Silver

Denver, Colorado


Hello gorgeous! This is a special message just for you…


My VIP clients are the 1% within the 1%.

They are go-getters, the beyond survivors but thrivers who, despite all odds, have achieved a level of success in their careers that most women envy.

And yet, they carry a deep sense of loss and longing that they’ve not been truly seen, valued or understood by a man — someone they can rely on, trust with their tender heart and a lover who is equally committed and devoted.

While they live a full life and carry on with a brave face, all the disappointment, loneliness and fatigue from doing it all is taking a toll on their overall quality of life. They know they’re not living their fullest potential and their best life.

Because although they are highly capable and have achieved so much, when it comes to love, men and relationships — the way they feel about themselves (all the doubt, uncertainty and low self worth) is the worst part of all. 

It’s an uncomfortable dissonance and in opposition with how they feel about themselves in the other areas of her life.



At this point we’re talking about you!!! Let’s say it as it is! ❤️ 



You look around, and you get that you’re a higher achiever, you get that you’re a superwoman and are a great catch… intellectually. 

Intellectually you know this — and yet you’re just not attracting the kind of man you see other women with, and you can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong.

Intellectually you know that you deserve to be loved and you’d make a great partner, but those high quality men are not coming after you… so you’re left wondering, where are they and why is this happening?

You know you are meant for more than this life all alone. You are meant to have so much more than this.

You know that living this life without a deeply connected, solid loving relationship anchoring you means you’re not living the life you were meant to live. You’re here for MORE.

Because your soul is not fulfilling it’s destiny and purpose…  

Because even though you are the badass, the leader, the breadwinner, the supermom, the rock for everyone else…

The truth is you, you have doubts. You’re scared.


  • that you’re not worthy or good enough or capable of having that kind of love and intimacy and closeness. 

  • That you’ll screw it up again… 

  • That your deepest dream and desire isn’t realistic for you. 

  • That it will never happen and you’ll end up alone.

  • That you’ll repeat the same patterns over and over again.


Sometimes it feels easier… safer, to not even try. 

Or to keep doing what you’ve been doing and SAYING that you’re trying. Or lying to yourself saying you are okay if you spend the rest of your life alone.

When in reality you’ve totally benched yourself. It’s safer to remain in a comfy cozy cocoon where you can’t get hurt or face all your biggest fears coming true, so you protect yourself from all that COULD happen.


So here’s what all of this comes down to: 

You want to go bigger than what you’ve ever so far allowed yourself to dream. 

At your core, beneath the fear, you know you have what it takes to experience epic love! 

But you do need somebody there to remind you who the F#$* you really are in the deepest place within yourself, to show you on REPEAT how to flick the damn switch to believing in yourself, and guide you to become that more ideal extraordinary version of yourself.

A tough loving mentor to hold your hand and walk you through the long dark tunnel of shedding your doubts, fears, insecurities and shame- so you can emerge fully READY for LOVE! 

So when Mr. SOULMATE comes knocking on your door, you’re 1000% primed and ready for him- 

 This? This is what I do.

I work with the 1% within the 1% within the 1%. 

Women who know what they want and are ready to fight for themselves!

Women who are willing to do what it takes to HAVE the LOVE they long for and crave in their soul. 

Women who won’t give up on themselves and settle for a life less meaningful and finally HAVE IT ALL… everything they want in this life.

Want to know more, want to finally say yes to all of you? Book a call to speak with us personally about the READY for LOVE VIP experience.

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