You have the power to influence the universe

You do it every day, all day long…
You’re sending messages to the universe right now.

What messages are you sending?

Hey gorgeous, if you’ve tried

all the online apps and keep attracting duds…

just getting ‘out there’ and going on more dates…

expensive matchmakers or even dating coaches…

using Law of Attraction, vision boards and positive affirmations…

And nothing is working to attract “The ONE,”

Then I have something for you!

My MANifest Your Man Course!!

In this course

I’ll be teaching you exactly what you need to do to manifest LOVE and anything else that you want!

It’s like magic… except it’s REAL!

Let’s dive into how manifesting actually works and what you need to do NOW to change the results you are having with men, dating and relationships!

Some of what you will learn:

Why you keep attracting unavailable, non committal or narcissistic men and how to break that painful pattern fast.

The exact things you are thinking, feeling and believing that actually INVITE men to ghost, flake, or string you along so you can shift it now!

How to stop the subconscious sabotage so you can stop blocking your manifesting potential for love (and anything else you desire).

How to stop settling for less than you desire in a partner or a relationship or just “making it work” – and how to step into the realm of infinite possibility for your love life (and beyond).

How to become an energetic match and a magnet for the man you want to attract (so your dream relationship becomes a reality this year).

Take it from me, a master manifester…
this S#*& WORKS!!! 

“Hilary Silver's program is intense and unlike anything I've ever seen or done before. The inner work makes you dig deep, identify past unhealthy patterns and given the tools the program provides, teaches you how to change them. I firmly believe that this program has empowered me to not only be truly authentic and real with my relationships, but also improve my overall life. I'm excited for this next chapter of my life. Thanks Hilary!!"

~Leslie Paris

“Hillary’s program helped me realize what I needed to work on within myself. I needed help. Through her program, I was able to work past all of the negative feelings and thoughts. With Hillary and her amazing program, I found the love for MYSELF, and I found the love of my life!!”

~Janelle Ketelhut

“Thanks to Hilary Silver and her amazing program, I now have the relationship of my dreams. I’m here to say that if you do the work, really put everything into it, you will have the relationship you’re seeking.”

~Patty Greene

"Thank you Hilary Silver for helping me become more myself than I’ve ever been so that I could find someone who I can share forever with, and who knows the real and true me!!!"

~ Missy Renee

“Working with Hilary was one of the first big investments I made and in doing that kind of work. You WILL get a return on investment in your life. Your life will improve drastically by doing this program.”

~Jamie Harmon

“I wish I had found Hilary four years ago, instead of wasting time and money on counseling. I think Hilary should be a mandatory real life high school/college course. Hilary is and has been like changing for me. I still have work to do, but I know she’s got my back!”

~Brenda Glassmaker

“I will be forever grateful for the guidance, teaching, coaching, Inspiration, transformation and love you and your program have offered me. Your program provided the guidance to dig in deep, while also giving a focused guided plan of what to do next after all the digging. I am forever changed to a confident, empowered, fearless woman who is prepared for whatever life brings because I now truly believe that I will always have my own back. I’ve got ME!”


Here’s the truth…

… you can’t want love and fear intimacy and closeness at the same time…

… you can’t want to meet a great guy and dread dating at the same time…

… you can’t want a loving partner and believe that all men suck at the same time.

This workshop is all about:

Finding out what has blocked you up until this point (not just in love but in all the ways you’ve been held back or just plain stuck);

Discovering why you’ve been stuck repeating the same patterns with men for years and how to change that quickly and painlessly;⁠

Trusting yourself so you can move forward without fear and doubt, and attract your true equal

Choosing new ways of thinking, talking, and being to (finally) become the energic match for the man you truly want.

The universe doesn’t give us what we want,

This is where brain science meets WOO.

Where the science of psychology meets law of attraction.

MANifest Your Man!

So here’s how it works.

3 hour workshop with me

Gorgeous PDF with thought provoking exercises and homework

This is for you if:

You’re a successful professional woman with a great life but you’ve just not been able to attract your true equal and make a healthy relationship last

You’re ready for a new approach that defies all conventional advice that is all about ‘getting the guy,’ and instead what REALLY matters most.

This is a priority in your life because you’re done settling for less than you desire in a partner, a relationship and having a life without love.

Message from Hilary…

Your time is now. You know the inner call is there to finally have the man, the love, and the life you’ve always wanted.

This decision can be the ONE decision that changes everything.

It’s the decision all my successful-in-love clients must make.

To choose YOU.

To choose anything else would mean repeating old patterns over and over again.

And you are SO done with that.

There is one thing I know for sure—it’s always been YOU—-and that is the best news ever.

Because with that means the power to shift this pattern once and for all.

Let’s find out how you’re blocking what you truly want-so you can let go and start letting love in!


In short, no. This is my proprietary material and once it’s taught, it cannot be returned.  My private clients pay $20k for live sessions with me and I’ll be sharing many of my most powerful tools in this workshop for a mere $197. We suggest you show up fully prepared and open to the experience and you won’t be disappointed.

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