Ready For Love
Agreement Addendum

This Ready for Love Agreement Addendum serves as a Mutual Release and Non Disparagement Agreement by and among Hilary Silver, Hilary Silver Enterprises, Inc. and client as signed below.


      1. Original Agreement Updates: Hilary Silver Enterprises will provide 3 additional weeks of support in the group program and one additional private coaching session.

      2. Mutual Release: By accepting additional services or benefits, client agrees not to disparage Silver, the program or otherwise take any action which could reasonably be expected to adversely affect the personal or professional reputation of Silver or any of its members, managers, employees or the Ready for Love program.  Client agrees not to leave any negative reviews of Silver, the team members, or the Program anywhere online or offline.  

It is understood and agreed that this Agreement is the mutually agreed upon compromise of both parties.

      3. Confidentiality: By accepting, Client agrees not to share accommodations or additions to the original agreement with anyone, including other program participants past, present or future. 

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