Ready for Love Program

A revolutionary 12 week transformational program for high achieving women who aren’t willing to settle for single and want to find their true, equal partner.

A note from the Founder and Creator of Ready for Love.

“Ready for Love is the culmination of my 20+ years of clinical research and direct hands on- experience  working with men women and couples on the toughest life and relationships challenges, (infidelity, narcissism, addictions, divorce, anxiety, trauma healing…) plus my clinical training in neuroscience, behavioral & positive psychology, cognitive & spiritual tools, trauma healing techniques and the most cutting edge dating, love, sex and relationship information available.”

The methodology in Ready for Love took me 30 years to develop, test and perfect and now I offer it to you- all in one place so you don’t have to do this alone.

Then, we hold your hand, guide you and provide a safe loving community where you can practice implementing your new tools, skills and lessons.

*My team and I have helped literally thousands of high powered women like doctors, lawyers, corporate execs, professors, entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders in the financial, tech and non profit world… women like you, who seem to have it all on the outside… FINALLY … ALSO, have a beautiful successful thriving, loving relationship—we are hands down… the best at what we do,

I’ve spent the better part of 7 years as a divorced woman chasing “free dating advice” and had gotten my monies worth. I continued to make the same dating mistakes, continued to live in fear, and continued to spend Saturday nights alone. I then took the scary plunge to invest significantly in myself - my money, my time and my vulnerability - and I don’t regret it for one second, The Get The Love Program has absolutely changed my life, and not just my love life, but every part of my life. I’ve known Hilary Silver for over 10 years and she is a woman of vast knowledge, experience and integrity. She is worth every penny.

~ Lori

Last night…I hadn’t showered all day…looking my very worst… came into my Love’s house to our song playing on the speaker. I asked him to dance and we did, right there in the middle of his kitchen. And then he said “I just can’t wait any longer” and he got down on one knee and proposed right there!!!! 7 months and he is my best friend and the love of my life. Thank you Hilary Silver for helping me become more myself than I’ve ever been so I could find someone who I can share forever with who knows the real and true me!!!


Hilary Silver changed my life in many different ways. There are not enough words to express my gratitude toward her and her program. This program was a wonderful eye opening experience. The alumni group after I finished the program is such a great asset to life. It’s like we have our own community full of people with the same knowledge, goals, and background. I am glad I completed the program. I am worth it!!!


Signing up to work with Hilary was one of the best decisions I could have made. The coaching calls, the lesson content, the community- all gave me the strength to make some life changing decisions. I was able to break off a 2 year toxic on/off relationship and figure out who I am and who I was looking for. Armed with a new set of knowledge and confidence, I found the man of my dreams and we’re still going strong over a year later! It’s a great program!!!

~ Lindsey

Yesterday was the first day of Spring which represents new life, growth and vibrancy. On that day I had the honor of accepting a marriage proposal from my partner, lover and friend. We’re so excited to begin our journey of a new life together. We love that we found love during a pandemic. For us, 2020 did not suck Thank you to Hilary for everything you’ve taught our group- and thank you to all of you amazing ladies who are such a supportive community. Xo


I reminded myself of Hilary's lessons on remaining open to love, and proceeded building this beautiful, honest, loving, trustworthy, solid relationship. I can't remember ever feeling this grounded in a relationship or so loved. Thank you Hilary Silver for giving my the tools to have faith in love and in myself.


In just 12 weeks…

You’ll be masterfully guided in a private group setting to identify the root cause of your emotional love blocks, let go of all your past hurts and eliminate the BS from your past that continue to repel real love.

Using the best tools in psychology, neuroscience and relationship modalities, you’ll completely reprogram your belief system, retrain your brain and re-write your narrative that has you subconsciously sabotaging and repeating the same destructive patterns with men.

Learn how to express yourself assertively and set boundaries without fear or guilt, so you can get your needs met and feel happier.

Redefine your new self and step into your new identity as a powerful and graceful woman who gets what she wants in life and in love.

Gain 100% clarity on the man you are looking for, where to meet him and how to navigate the early tender stages of dating with the most up-to-date and cutting edge approach for today’s modern dating landscape.

You will gain absolute confidence so you can trust yourself again, and navigate ALL areas of your life with certainty.

At the end of 12 weeks, you’ll be a totally transformed woman; one who loves herself unconditionally, trusts herself implicitly, shows up authentically and fearlessly…

a woman who is ready to welcome true love into her life.

Having a deeply connected, healthy, fulfilling love starts with you,


Will this work for me?

I get it, you’ve tried everything, online dating, matchmakers, dating coaches, therapy and still nothing…maybe you are starting to believe this is just your destiny…

This is the most cutting edge method of creating transformation, combining the information-packed online course with high touch, elite level, world class coaching, one-on-one and group coaching and an extraordinary community of other executive level women! There’s simply nothing like this anywhere else!

You’re perfect for our program if…

You’re a high achieving, top performer who is fierce in your career and financially secure- yet dating and relationships is the one last piece of your life that hasn’t worked out for you.

You are totally committed to doing the advanced inner work because our program is like executive coaching for your love and personal life. You’ll be getting your “PhD in relationships” with us!

You believe in taking responsibility for your past, present and future and are committed to evolving into the absolute best version of yourself.

You understand that growth requires courage and trusting the process, and you’re more committed to your DESIRE than you are to your fear.

You get that I can expedite the healing + finding love process, but that YOU have to show up for yourself and remain committed to doing the work.


We only work with committed women who are serious about dealing with this painful problem.

That means you must be willing to do something radically different than what you’ve been doing – stop settling for status quo and lean into the discomfort of personal growth.

You must care deeply about your quality of life and be dead serious about growing into your absolute best self.

So many aspects of my life changed while and since doing this program. My situation is more complicated than most and what tools, I received impacted my family dynamics, my business, my friendships, my outlook, my self-care and of course my dating life. The checklist at this point in life is different than it was before. Hilary Silver will show you how to embrace it all!


Worth every penny! Hilary speaks the truth and tells it like it is. She shows you how to get out of your own way stop over thinking and take responsibility for your actions so you can show up and find true love by first loving yourself.


I am extremely grateful for this program! I’ve seen a lot of personal growth within myself which not only will help me find “my guy,” but also help me with my relationships in general and get back on track professionally. Thank you, Hilary!


I wish I could have done this 20 years ago! Give yourself permission to unload all of the extraneous BS that’s keeping you locked into unhealthy patterns of co-dependent relationships, friendships and work situations. You will LOVE the new you!

~ Veronica

It was my first call that I could listen to real time and it was outstanding! What I kept forgetting as I sequestered myself in my own pity party for so many years – is that I’m not totally original. There’s someone going through the same things as I am – clearly shown today – and this group of women whom I was blessed to join this current group with is incredible! Hilary – you have helped me more in a week than months of counseling that I have done in the past! I’m so excited for the rest of program. Thank you!

~ Kimberly

Hilary Silver’s program is definitely with the $ as I am worth investing in. I am happier today with my life than I had been for the prior 20 years. I see my patterns, learned to change it, stopped my inner critic from sabotaging myself, and see myself in a whole new way. The question I have for you is are you willing to work the program and be a part of an awesome women’s exclusive group? It’s hard work and one must be willing to invest in themselves. I highly recommend the program to women who really want to change.


I never thought I could experience love like this, maybe even felt I didn’t deserve it. I now know I do, and you do too. Thank you, Hilary Silver for giving me the tools to have faith in love and in myself

~ kristi

Enjoying an amazing time in the USVI with Paul- Letting go of the outcome and thoroughly enjoying life together. Program and manifesting in my journal makes this and everything possible.

~Barb Schwarzentraub

"After being widowed, I was afraid to start dating again. After a bad experience, I realized I needed help. And in the process of Hilary's program, I did the work to get myself into a place where I am truly happy. We met on Bumble, he's a true gentleman and perfect adventure partner, we've been together 11 months, are deeply in love and are planning our future together."


**Please Note:

You are applying to be part of an ultra-premium coaching program.
We only accept women who are fully committed, coachable and ready!

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