Success Stories

Success Stories

Over the course of my nearly 25 years, hundreds of clients have found success in love & success in life.

DeMonica “Every area of my life is improved”

Gabby Happier Than She's Ever Been

Jen Living Best Life

Sue's Journey to Finding Love

I found love and I am deeply in love. He is the man I’ve looked for my 41 years on this earth. I let down my wall and just let this amazing man in. He is a man who says how he feels when he feels it and means what he says. He can build furniture, he owns a successful business, has a great family, is a fantastic father to three daughters and but is just as sweet and sensitive as he is manly. We are planning a future together. I never knew it could be this easy. I can finally see myself the way that he sees me, and I love what I see. I deserve this.


It’s official!!! I’m DIVORCED! And I got my name back! It’s Laure French now.

I want to thank you Hilary Silver for your amazing support, I’m not sure where I’d be without you…it has been SO MUCH more than “dating advice.” You have been my lifeline to sanity. I wouldn’t have known how to put a healthy frame around the overwhelm of the last couple of months! I am beyond grateful for you and this group! Also, Hilary – I’m in a great relationship right now! It’s my first real relationship. I’m thrilled for all I’ve learned with you!


I wish I could have done this 20 years ago! Give yourself permission to unload all of the extraneous BS that’s keeping you locked into unhealthy patterns of co-dependent relationships, friendships and work situations. You will LOVE the new you!


This time around I’ve found there is absolutely nothing wrong with slow and steady…it’s the most gratifying relationship for me. Four months in and our love for each other continues to grow stronger every day. Enjoy each moment of this amazing process.


Oh my goodness I’m so happy to have James in my life, he truly is the man I’ve been praying for!! I could never have sustained this relationship without your help! And the great work continues, my last day at my job is Monday and I’m going to start my own business as a writer and speaker! The work I did in your program has changed my entire life!!


Hey Hilary, thank you for your program. I’m loving the work, the content, the connection, the support of all the women in the group, and most of all for helping me realize he was right here the whole time, my very best friend was the love I wanted and needed!


Sharing a win! I am now exclusive with the guy I met organically a month ago and posted about previously. We had the talk last night and are both excited to grow our relationship. The chemistry between us is amazing and he truly is my ideal “fuck yea” guy. I feel like I’ve won the lottery, ladies and I know he feels the same about me.

Jen H.

Now Married!

6-month anniversary with this awesome guy this month!

You’ve jump started my life and put me on a new track! This shift has brought the man of my dreams in my life and prepared me to be ready for him!

Also, this shift in my life during this class lit a fire under me- after the class and meeting my man, I’ve applied the same focus to my finances and I’ve managed in 6 months to get completely debt free and increase my income by 50% by bumping up my side hustles outside of teaching.

So grateful for you and the shift this has made in my life!

Love you lady!

Lindsey G.

Now Married!


I had to share how excited and thankful I am to have met this wonderful man 9 months ago (at the tail end of Hilary’s program). Last night he threw me a surprise 51stbirthday party because I never had a 50th. He planned it 1 month ago and had 48 friends and family from his and my side come celebrate. I was blown away with his excitement and that he did this because he loves me and I deserve it! I was gushing with smiles all night. He treats me like a queen and we are going strong as ever…passion, respect, kindness, great communication, adventure…etc.

We are so happy, and I know it would not have been like this without changing my mindset of being deserving of being pursued, confident in myself and sticking to my high expectations.

Ladies, good men are out there. Be your confident self and keep praying!


No longer single! Thanks for the encouragement and advice from all you ladies! Kudos to Hilary for telling it like it is and for telling us straight truths! I’m beyond happy and finally found true love with an amazing man who treats me like royalty – and helped me chaperone prom, thus the cheesy crowns!


I feel so much better and I look so bright and happy. Thank you, Hilary Silver, your program is life changing! Best beauty potion ever, loving yourself and freeing yourself of unwanted should and regrets.

Elizabeth B.

Now Married!

I am not labeling it yet, BUT he made it clear yesterday I’m the only one and I am in such a GREAT place right now and it’s all because of you and your program. Thank you, Hilary Silver!!

Shirley B.

I’ve been a quiet alumni but was compelled to share this. Towards the end of Hilary Silver’s program I met an amazing man. We’ve been together for 11 months and counting. We got into an argument this past weekend. Before, I would have panicked and went straight to fight mode. But because of Hilary’s program, I now have self-respect, I’m able to pause, then articulate my needs and talk things through. All is good (great even) with Joe and I, weathering the bumps with love and respect. Thank you, Hilary, and this was in my FB feed today, reinforcing what you taught me.



Hilary – next week is my last week of this awesome program. This has been a life/game changer for me. I finally feel that I am enough, have learned to set healthy boundaries and enforce them politely. I love the new ME!! I want to continue to allow the lessons learned to sink in deeper until they are natural for me. Thank you so much for your awesome, authentic coaching!!!

Kim W.

I have to share my other Aha moment. I went through the chapter 2 exercise regarding three childhood moments that were impactful to me. I drilled into them and discovered some patterns in my life that have wanted to break for a long time but could not figure out the Lie I was believing. Long story short I came out with this: I AM GOOD ENOUGH!!! I AM F…… GOOD ENOUGH.

Kim W.

Your program helped me to truly look at myself, then re-framing my thoughts for a satisfying life. Working on having the strength, love and confidence to be me, being my own. Best friend (I have my own back). Thanks Hilary!


Listening to the calls and narratives each day helps me so much. I have lost almost all of the negative feelings I have had for myself and others. Each day I am motivated to walk outside 2-4 miles while re-listening to them so I am getting into even better shape! And feeling healthy physically too. Every time I replay a. narrative, I hear something new that is boosting me forward into my new self. It feels wonderful!

Heather R.

Working through module six and on the of the first things Hilary stated was that so many of us intellectually know our value and worth and believe we would be a great catch; however we don’t know this in our heart. I am so glad that I signed up for this program to feel so grateful to be a part of this tribe of women. Personally, I have loved the mindset shift that I feel. I really feel like I am walking taller and with a lot more confidence. Feeling super excited about getting out there in the dating scene. Thank you, Hilary, for this program and to all the participants who share their questions and experience so we all can grow!

Debbie A.  

I am not the 1st to say this here but I can promise you this, Hilary Silver and this program will be a life and game changer. You will attract a much higher quality man into your realm and have the abilities and confidence in yourself and inner power to weed out the crap men we all used to settle for. While I haven’t found my Gucci Bag of Chips guy yet, I know he’s out there and I won’t settle for anything or anyone else less than what I know I am worth and deserve. And that my dear, is what I personally gained from this program, on top of many other incredible life improving benefits. Oh, and you get all of us Alumni to love, support, cheer and celebrate you too!


First of all thank you, Hilary. I love the power of positivity you are telling us to be giving us the tools to be positive. The tools of journaling our gratitude daily and encouraging us to think of our goals as being already done! Writing down my gratitude is definitely important. I love the weeding of the mindset to get rid of negative self-talk. This is so important as I beat myself up all the time instead of looking at the positive. I am positive for my friends and family, but not always myself. Time to be my own BFF!

Bobbi V.

There are not enough words to describe how much Hilary Silver’s program has helped me. My self-confidence, self-respect and happiness are at their peak. People who have known me my whole life are saying “Happy Looks Good On You!”

I can’t argue with that, but I also believe happiness looks good on everyone. Just be willing to do the work and dig deep within. This will allow you to recognize your flaws, repair the hurt and the scabbed over wounds. I have no doubt I am a better person because of Hilary.


Now Married!

Hi Hilary. I first felt like I wasn’t really sure about this as I had done a lot of work for myself for the last 7 years; HOWEVER, I feel like the work and time with Heather have given me a truly different energy. I am not dating online and not even in real life and that is OK with me for now. I have given myself the time to really think and know what I want out of life and make no big compromises as I did in the past. I am energized by the videos and work and have been taking this to heart to really understand my wants and needs. Thank you for this. I will use the extra week to re listen and continue the work I started here and before. I do not feel alone and needing of more advanced time right now. I already have a sense of security with myself and being on my own. I have a great life and enjoy the heck out of myself and I am learning how and when to say NO! I love the part about making the best out of the really shitty parts of our lives and turning it into something good! I am doing my best with that!


So I decided to go to Florida for the week while my son spent the holiday week with his father. I have been really enjoying myself – just a gentle vacation full of exercise, bonding with my favorite aunt, daily meditation and gratitude journal, and working through week 3 videos and journals. Today I visited Nordstrom’s for a styling appointment. It was so much fun to try on so many different clothes, and it made me realize I have a pretty good sense of my own unique style – but it felt great to be waited on and to fit into sizes and feel like I look good in everything! (I have lost 50 lbs in a year and a half). I also celebrated my 1-year alcohol free anniversary this week – another amazing milestone for me. I’m in such a better place than I was (just a few short weeks ago) and can feel this sense of confidence and hopefulness that is just amazing! I made some small talk with a guy at the store the other day and I didn’t get struck down by lightning – and it was pleasant! I am making small talk/connecting and interacting with people and finding I’m a pretty fun person to be around!!! I can’t stop smiling and just wanted to share with you amazing ladies! It’s not always easy – but it’s so worth it!

Barbara S.

Hi ladies!! I just wanted to give you an updated in my life. Since graduating Hilary’s session, I have found love!! The man I have been seeing for a while confessed his love for me! While this is amazing and self-doubt kicks in. Saying the words out loud to another man sacred the shit out of me!  I have been feeling love for him for a while I was just too scared to tell him. We had a heart to heart and he tenderly held my face looked into my eyes and said the words I have been longing to hear….“Janelle, do you have any idea how much I love you?” With tears in his eyes and tears in mine I answered him back…”I love you too.” He told me he wants me in his life indefinitely. This amazing foundation has been laid. Being vulnerable is a scary but wonderful thing it’s so hard to let down the walls…but when they come down, beauty comes in. I was stuck in thinking negative things, you know..waiting for the other shoe to fall…but I listened to Hilary’s videos again and remembered that I control my thoughts and my actions. I needed to be positive and patient. I don’t need to obsess about things that are out of my control. This love is different than I have ever known. Thank you Hilary for helping me find myself again!! Thank you for helping me find love and telling me fuck yes, I am worthy!!


IT’S MY GRADUATION!! As I sit here reflecting on the growth and progress, I’ve achieved for myself with the benefit of this program in 8 weeks…I’m in awe!! October’s Lenea can barely recognize December Lenea! I am most appreciative of Hilary Silver and the GTLYW team for their guidance and encouraging support throughout this metaphorical “autopsy” of myself. Going through the module exercises were enlightening and often times painfully emotional, but I know if I hadn’t made the choice I would not be able to stand proud and accept ME for who I am and learn how to take my perceived “weaknesses” and turn them into strengths.

I’ve been known to quote the Avatar mantra “I see you!” to others; but now I can say that to MYSELF with newfound understanding & no longer be ashamed! All the “ugly” parts of me makes me who I am but they don’t have to control/define me. Don’t get me wrong, it is a daily exercise in denial to not revert back to my “people pleasing” habits; but I now have the tools and conscious awareness of those behaviors and can say, “NOT TODAY!” thanks to Hilary Silver & GTLYW program.

Thank you to the GetTheLoveVIP FB support group of strong independent women who, like myself, were willing to show/share their vulnerability and strengths with one another. You have been a true blessing for me throughout this program. I realized that I am not alone in this.

I’m so grateful I chose ME that “dark” day in October 2019!! Now I’m equipped & ready to achieve more wins for myself in 2020 and beyond.

As for my new beau, I’m still riding this wave of confidence and assurance in myself as our relationship develops. Feeling like a “BadAss” while he pursues me & accepting the truth that I AM worthy of his pursuit and affections. I’m just going to exhale and enjoy myself and not compromise anymore to please others.


So, tomorrow is my last group call with the VIPs. I’m sad to leave this amazing group but also happy for my achievements. Hilary requested us to post our aha moments and what we take with us from this course. Well here is my share:

As I came to this program, I felt broken, disappointed and stuck. I connected with Hilary instantly and that made me feel I had to make an effort to take part in this group. The lessons are fantastic! For me the going invade part has probably been the easiest I detected my flaws, named them, forgave myself for them and moved on. The course taught me to look within and through those eyes look out. A higher self-esteem is the result, I’ve been able to stand my ground and find peace midst chaos. One of my biggest realizations was my relationship with work and workload, but most recently, with money as well. I was feeling I had nothing, disappointed and frustrated for not having achieved riches despite of my age. Week 6 mindfulness exercises made me realize that I’m actually quite wealthy, worthy of all goodness life can offer and I’m grateful for all of it. With so little that has been offered to me I have achieved so much. So I take with me a higher self-esteem, self-assurance and confidence. I not feel that I am attractive, fun and worthy. I didn’t find a boyfriend during this part of the journey, but that is fine. I needed to build myself together first. Love starts form within!

Astrid H.

I had a light bulb moment today during my daily walk! I listen to Hilary’s mantra from week 2 every day for my walk, sometimes I say it out loud as well. Today when I said “I trust myself” I realized HOLY SHIT…I trust myself!!! This is the number 1 thing I learned from this program and it’s such a huge deal!!!!! I haven’t trusted myself for years! Every single decision I used to make I ran by SO many different people, then went with the general consensus of what they decided for me (and rarely did my wants come into play…mostly because I had no friggin idea). I realized today I haven’t asked anyone except myself and God what is in my best interested for WEEKS! And it has been such a game changer!!!

Lindsey R.

My first week. In two 20-minute videos, Hilary nailed why my two marriages and countless relationships have failed. Something years of marriage counseling and “self-help” books have not been able to do. I have so much work to do, but last night I cried tears of joy as a HUGE weight was lifted.


Hilary has it figured out! I came out of a 35-year unfulfilling marriage. I spent 4 years trying to find myself and searching for joy! Wasted time and tons of cash to never make any real improvement in my core beliefs and how I felt about me! I’ve learned to look at life from an entirely new perspective! I’ve discovered so many truths thru working with her. She’s the real deal! May you find joy and rediscovered your true badass self!


Hi Hilary, I want to share my Aha moment. Last week I told you that a married man was coming on to me and I was so proud of myself for handling it the right way by holding accountable. I’ve since then felt very offended by his actions. I drilled into this more and discovered that I should be thankful as he tested my new boundaries and they held tight. It is proof that I have grown and no longer need a man to make me feel pretty! The old self would have eaten up the attention and then fantasized about being married to him Freedom!!!!!

Kim W.

This is just something you need to do for yourself if you feel you are in need of help. 100% worth the investment in myself! Just take the leap, you’ll thank yourself and Hilary!


I am extremely grateful for this program! I’ve seen a lot of personal growth within myself which not only will help me find “my guy,” but also help me with my relationships in general and get back on track professionally. Thank you, Hilary!


Now Married!

Hilary Silver’s program is definitely with the $ as I am worth investing in. I am happier today with my life than I had been for the prior 20 years. I see my patterns, learned to change it, stopped my inner critic from sabotaging myself, and see myself in a whole new way. The question I have for you is are you willing to work the program and be a part of an awesome women’s exclusive group? It’s hard work and one must be willing to invest in themselves. I highly recommend the program to women who really want to change.

Kim L.

It was my first call that I could listen to real time and it was outstanding! What I kept forgetting as I sequestered myself in my own pity party for so many years – is that I’m not totally original. There’s someone going through the same things as I am – clearly shown today – and this group of women whom I was blessed to join this current group with is incredible! Hilary – you have helped me more in a week than months of counseling that I have done in the past! I’m so excited for the rest of program. Thank you!

Lori E.

Best investment I could have made in myself. It was life changing for me. Hilary helped me truly look at myself and gave me tools to change my path for the better. So grateful I found her program when I did!


Thank you, Hilary for everything you have done to help me get to where I am today! I will miss this group so much! To all of the beautiful ladies in this group…You are all strong and brave for taking this leap!! Use what Hilary has to offer you! Do the work and I promise that what you learn about yourself will be the best investment you have ever made! I came into this group knowing I needed to change, knowing I was “stuck.” The digging deep hurts and f-ing sucks, but it needed to be felt! I needed to feel the pain in order to move forward and leave my past behind. Live in the moment and enjoy the ride ladies!!!


Now Married

I’m so sad to be graduating from this amazing program…Hilary you are the best! I have seriously made such incredible progress on my journey of growth and personal development and will be forever grateful…thank you. I am grateful for all the support and encouragement from this group! To all you amazing ladies, we are awesome and we are so fortunate to be able to commit and invest in ourselves and this program…do not waste a moment or a call, get the most you can from this program…learn that you are special, you are worth, you can have the mindset and you can manifest the quality man of your dreams!

Amanda C.

Just finished week #1 of this amazing program. Loved the videos and the exercises. Writing a gratitude journal is part of my morning routine, but loved, loved the way Hilary recommends we write it. Give thanks as if what we want is already in our lives! Started week 2 yesterday and with lesson 1 you had me both crying and laughing at the time Hilary. I felt as if you had made that video just for me. You were describing my life to the t! last night I took the first step to accepting my imperfections. There was definitely a shift in my body and my soul. Thank you Hilary for the work you do and sharing your light with us.

Julieta M.

So many aspects of my life changed while and since doing this program. My situation is more complicated than most and what tools, I received impacted my family dynamics, my business, my friendships, my outlook, my self-care and of course my dating life. The checklist at this point in life is different than it was before. Hilary Silver will show you how to embrace it all!



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